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8 Key Tenets of Mindful Parenting:  Mindfulness gives us a practical approach to parenting.  It allows our own inner-wisdom to come forward and inform our everyday choices.  It also improves the quality of attention we’re able to give to our children.  Instead of learning techniques for parenting, mindfulness creates the space for our own parenting to feel natural.  In the beginning, it can help to have some guidelines.

This 3-page document offers  real-world applications of mindfulness for parents with children of all ages.  Suggested donation: $5.00, or as your means allow.



On-the-go Mindfulness for Busy Parents:  As one contemplative teacher has said, “If you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate!” (1) As busy parents, it’s important for us to learn to bring mindfulness into the everyday moments of our lives.

This 3-page document includes fifteen ways to practice mindfulness, from the moment we wake up in the morning, until closing our eyes to sleep at night.  For parents with children of all ages.  Suggested donation: $5.00, or as your means allow.

The following materials are intended for use by parents and teachers already practicing mindfulness or working with an experienced teacher.

8 page color booklet. Includes four lesson plans and many ideas for entering practice through the door of the imagination.

Imaginative Mindfulness  |  Starter Kit for Children Ages 3-9:  Through story, poetry, art, imagery, and nature observation, children cultivate mindfulness and learn foundational practices.

Includes four lesson plans designed to help you share practice with young children, a parent/teacher education book list, a children’s book list, recommendations for setting up the environment and establishing a rhythm, plus verses and practice songs for bringing mindfulness to specific parts of your day.  For use in the classroom or at home to support family practice.  Grades PreK-3rd.


20 page color booklet. Includes monthly themes for sharing mindfulness practice through attunement to seasonal rhythms.

Program Content:  A year of content based on the thematic lessons shared in our weekly programs. 

Empathy.  Ecology.  Equanimity.  These are the themes that weave through our program content.  

In January, when the year is new, we start with Beginner’s Mind.  In February, when many plants and animals are sleeping, we practice with Inquiry.  In March, children discover what qualities and dreams are stirring within and bring forth new, creative energies with the coming of spring.  Through attunement to the natural world, practice and inquiry become consistent. 

Other practices include: Acceptance in April, Heartfulness in May, Non-doing in June, Generosity with nature’s abundance in August, and Gratitude as we give thanks in November.

Includes journaling prompts, ideas for seasonal rituals, contemplative arts, handwork projects with natural materials, and more.  Designed to help support family practice and teachers already sharing mindfulness in the classroom.  Grades PreK – 8th but easily adapted for use with all ages.




(1.) This quote is often attributed to Ajahn Chahn


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