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Jylani Ma’at Brown is a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor and veteran educator bringing many years of experience within public, private, and independent schools to her work with youth.  She is extremely deliberate about integrating diverse, children’s literature and culturally relevant content into the programming. Her work with the youth and the community of adults that support them reflects opportunities to connect mindfulness to spiritual, mental and physical wellness. Social justice and issues of global competence are frequent themes that encourage preliminary and deeper contemplation.

As a woman, mother and teacher of African descent, jylani takes pride in creating space for both her cultural heritage and expression to be an integral part of her mindfulness practice. Jylani encourages and facilitates programs that offer every participant the opportunity to fully see themselves in the moment and to honor their culture in their practice as well.  Jylani views mindfulness as a tool for peace, wellness, justice and education. She believes the more connections we make to our practice, the greater the realization for peaceful connections with others around the world.

Mark Stefanski is a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor and serves on the Joyful Mind Project Board of Directors.  He has been teaching high school science for the past 31 years and since 1988 he has served on the faculty of Marin Academy in San Rafael.  He has held positions as the school’s Dean of Freshmen, its inaugural H.D. Thoreau Faculty Chair for promoting education for environmental sustainability, and leader for MA’s Senior Vision Quest Program.

For the past four years, in addition to teaching biology, he has been instructing teens in mindfulness at MA, where mindfulness education is integrated into the Human Development curriculum and Outings Program.  Embracing a model centered on peer education, Mark teaches and consults with mindfulness programs in other Bay Area schools and youth organizations.

Morgan Hewitt, MA has been practicing mindfulness or over eighteen years and serves on the Joyful Mind Project Board of Directors.  Morgan has been an educator and guidance counselor working in elementary to college classrooms for twenty-five years.   Morgan is an experienced educator and a seasoned mindfulness practitioner and we are happy to have her help guiding the organization.

Judy Fleischman,
Soto Zen priest, mindful eating teacher and founding foodista, Loving Live Foods & Live Change Coaching.  Judy led the children in a mindful eating lesson during the 2014 Spring Series and is helping us develop a contemplative eating program.  Judy is also a Board-certified Chaplain and serves as a member of Mindful Peacebuilding and of Berkeley Zen Center where she supports a growing program for young children and their parents.

Emily Tara (2)Emily Tara Weiner, MA, MFTI, contemplative art teacher and founder, the Mindful Art Program.  Emily led the pre-teen group in a mindful art project at our Spring 2014 and 2015 Family Mindfulness Events.  She has over a decade of formal meditation training, having lived and practiced in a Zen Buddhist temple in South Korea for a year in 2006-2007.  Emily is a Certified Mindful Schools Instructor is also certified in Levels I-IV of Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy (FOAT), trained by Dr. Laury Rappaport.

StonearrowSteve Stonearrow, Native American storyteller and Lakota Medicine Man, Little Thunder Medicine Society.  Steve is a favorite guest teacher and has shared his gift of storytelling with the children during regularly scheduled class and at our Spring 2014 Family Mindfulness Day.  We’re looking forward to his return!

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One thought on “Our Team

  1. Greetings:)
    I am a Waldorf trained teacher with 20 years of early childhood experience.
    I must say, your program seems so amazing and the practices are inspiring.
    I have held several wilderness Playgroups here in Sonoma and have traveled outside of the country working with homeschool curriculum advisory.
    I feel called to reach you and say wow….wonderful!!!
    I’m so glad to see Monique found the most beautiful fit for her amazing space and efforts.
    I make toys of wool and wood, I sell at the occidental market and host workshops for parents locally.
    If you are ever In need of guest teachers, or just an extra hand with projects, I would love to be considered.
    I wish you such light in your work and thank you.

    Robyn Smith

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