Credo High School

We are happy to announce a new school program beginning Fall 2017 at Credo High School in Rohnert Park.

CREDO HIGH SCHOOL IS A PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL that ad­vances critical thinking, creativity, responsibility and initiative in public school students.  Credo addresses students as leaders of the future and helps them to develop the capacities, compassion and values to meet tomorrow’s challenges.  Credo is a school that gives more, that asks for more, and that prepares its stu­dents to achieve more.

Starting this fall 2017, mindfulness will be offered as an elective course at Credo.  Students will explore a set of skills that have been demonstrated to improve memory and concentration, decrease stress and anxiety, and increase emotional resilience.  We will explore contemplative practices that enable us to pay attention on purpose in the present moment so we can choose our behavior and act with greater skill and compassion.

To learn more about this course – or how to bring a similar course to your middle of high school, contact Chelsea True.




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