Impermanence in October

pumpkin-patch-1All month, the kids at Om School have been discovering that impermanence makes everything possible.

We’ve noticed that our emotions come and go like clouds in the sky, felt the energy in our bodies moving with Qigong, and observed changes on the farm as apples fall from trees and plants are harvested.  We’ve discovered that our bodies are changing, that sounds come and go from our experience, and even built a new compost pile — a very living lesson in how the passing of one thing is the birth of another.  It seems that nothing at all is permanent.  Everything is constantly becoming.

This week we’ll conclude our look at impermanence with an ancestor’s ritual… 

We’ll use elements from a traditional Japanese Zen Buddhist ceremony for the spirits of departed ones — called sejiki.  All Om School families are invited to attend this deepening of Halloween and return to its ancient roots.

Dear Om School families:  Please remember to bring photos and items that belonged to a loved one who has passed away — friend, family, or animal.  We’ll even honor the the bugs and spiders who have departed this world by drawing pictures of them to add to our memory table.  Whimsical and non-scary costumes are welcome.  If you believe this will be a sensitive subject for your child, please let me know in advance.

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