After-School Programs

Mindfulness increases gray matter concentration in brain regions involved in learning, memory, and emotional regulation (1).

Customize an After-School Program! 

After-School programs are customized to meet your school’s unique needs and vary in length from a few weeks to the entire school year.  

All programs utilize research-based curriculum from Mindful Schools, a leader in mindfulness education, and MBSR-T, a stress-reduction program developed at University of Massachusetts Medical Center and adapted for teens by Gina M. Biegel, MA, LMFT.

The young people in our programs begin and end each class with formal mindfulness practice — then move, create, and learn to bring mindfulness into activity with creative projects and imaginative play.

Grades 1-5:  After-school programs for children (ages 5-11) aim to honor the inner-life of the child by entering mindfulness practice through the door of the imagination.  Content includes movement, storytelling, cooperative games, active play, sustainability projects, and mindful eating.

The largest study to date on mindfulness with youth produced significant improvements in attentional control and classroom engagement (2).

Grades 6-12:  After-school programs for youth (ages 12-17) aim to foster academic success and career readiness through strengthening attentional skills and executive function, affecting the development of brain architecture, and providing the foundation for learning, pro-social behavior, and health.

Teen programs also explore how mindfulness is helping diverse populations including professional athletesperforming artists, and technology innovators to find their optimal performance zone, excel in their fields of interest, and cultivate a stability of mind that is easily accessed during difficult times.



The Healdsburg School, grades 1-5  Learn more >>

(1.)Lazar, Harvard, 2011
(2.)Mindful Schools, University California, Davis, 2011


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  1. Hi.
    My social worker at TLC recommended that I call you for my 8 year old foster child. It looks really great and I think she would love it. We live in Sonoma and we may not be able to get to the mindfullness class until almost 4. Would that work?

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