100% Volunteer-run Organization!

Joyful Mind Project is a 100% volunteer-run organization.

Since inception, our teachers have received no payment for their instruction.  This has been part of their practice of generosity.  This has also given schools and families with the means to donate the opportunity to cultivate generosity through giving.

Everything we have has been donated us, from web-design to legal counsel.  This practice of giving has helped us create and sustain a community of practice within our organization and in all of our programs.

It is our goal to begin fundraising for the 2017-2018 school year to help our teachers receive compensation.

On our Agreements page, you may have noticed the word, “dana.”   We encourage you to give dana to our teachers at the close of a program.  Dana is an ancient word for generosity.

Dana is not payment for goods or services rendered; it is a gift that helps keep these valuable teachings alive in the world.  It supports the teachers, the community, and our individual mindfulness practice.

Generosity is a practice of giving with an open heart.

All after-school, homeschool, family programs, and private sessions are offered by sliding scale donation with a suggested “basic rate.”

The lower end of the sliding scale is intended for those with limited means.  The “basic rate” is estimated to cover the most basic costs such as rent and insurance for the specific class period.  It does not factor in compensation for teachers or ongoing administrative expenses.

By choosing to give at the mid to high range of the sliding scale your generosity supports those with limited income to attend our programs.  We encourage you to choose the highest level that is appropriate for your economic situation.

If you need additional scholarship assistance and can volunteer to help, please inquire.

TAX DEDUCTIBILITY: The “basic rate” is not tax deductible and is non-refundable.  Dana and donations above the basic rate are considered voluntary tax deductible contributions.

All school programs are offered on a sliding scale.  Schools with a high percent of children receiving lunch assistance are invited to pay at the low end of that scale.

We also work in partnership with schools to receive grant funding.

When considering registering for one of our community programs, we sincerely hope that you will take up the way of giving generously.  Teachers appreciate dana at the close of a program, as an expression of your practice and appreciation for their time and teaching.  No gift is too small.

If you are moved to do so, you can practice giving now by donating here.  Your generosity helps ensure that people of all backgrounds have access to mindfulness education and that our programs will continue to serve the community for a long time.

Thank you, everyone.


“Practice giving things away, not just things you don’t care about, but things you do like. Remember, it is not the size of a gift, it is its quality and the amount of mental attachment you overcome that counts.

So don’t bankrupt yourself on a momentary positive impulse, only to regret it later. Give thought to giving. Give small things, carefully, and observe the mental processes going along with the act of releasing the little thing you liked.”

– Robert A.F. Thurman, Columbia University

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